středa 5. srpna 2015

Thoughts about ArtCamp by Natan Karczmar

What I appreciated while conducting my ArtComTec program at ArtCamp 2015 is the friendly relationship with the management, professors and students alike.

A particular event comes also to my mind. I was at the Tesco Mall when a young lady recognizing me stopped and told me that as a ArtCamp student she had followed the videoconferencing seminars. Then she thanked me for bringing lecturers of such quality from all over the world. 

Such a comment was also a reward to my guests for participating to ArtCamp at a period when most were supposed to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Another aspect with ArtCamp hosting the ArtComTec events was the fact that it enabled me to finally produce what I formulated as "Reflexions on the Relation and Relationnism" in 1989 during the Art Planète presentation at the Grand Palais in Paris. I then imagined exhibitions produced at distance by sending files of visual works to several destinations and printing and showing them at the same moment while talking with the artists by amplified telephone simulating thus a videoconference at a time when Internet, Skype or Hangout did not exist.

Two of exhibitions at the Vestredu Gallery are making my dream come true. Even if the use of modern technologies is making today's project an easy one, it is still not practiced in the art world. I am grateful to ArtCamp and its staff to enable what I call a Relationnist event to happen. 

Natan Karczmar

Natan Karczmar
Gabriel Soucheyre, Marie Sylviane Buzin and Natan Karczmar in front of the Vestředu Gallery

ArtComTec presentation - Natan Karczmar and his guest Fred Forest
ArtCamp 20x20 - Natan Karczmar giving his PechaKucha presentation